Affiliate Ministers/Ministries

Corey Ross cycle(5)
Corey & Jaime Ross

Corey Ross cycle(5) Linda Prestridge
Paul & Linda Prestridge

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Margarett Parker

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Tory & Rita Gant

Corey Ross cycle(5)
Dr. Michael Brown

There are many, many more affiliate ministers and ministries to be praying for, and standing in the gap for ... the above are just a few of many we work with.

Affiliate Ministers/Ministries

Our Founders

Meet Pastors Rich and Jane Allcorn, founders of the SPIRIT of TRUTH MINISTRIES, Int'l. They are also pastors of the WORD CHURCH, a fellowship in planning for here in the area of Austin Texas, and the core ministry for reaching out to ministers and ministries around the world, who have no covering!

These two are hungry for ministry! They want to help you to achieve your dreams in ministry. Has GOD placed a vision and a dream in your heart, but you've let the vision and the dream die? It's time to use that same "resurrection power" that Jesus preached so much about and bring that thing back to life!

Called Into Ministry

SPIRIT of TRUTH MINISTRIES is glad to have you visit our site, and we want to welcome you in the name of the Lord Jesus! 

Our mission is to help other ministers and ministries in accomplishing the various tasks and endeavors necessary to starting their ministry. 

If God has called you to preach, you're biggest hurtle is most likely going to be the business side.  You'll need a website, a BIO (biography), photos, and a host of other things that folks "just expect" when you're "out there".  We call these "support functions".  They're very necessary in running a ministry today, and can oftentimes hold you back in what God has called you to do.  And we don't want to hold you back! Many of these services are freely availale on the Internet.

We can help you put them together to help you in keeping your partners and supporters in ministry informed, so you can keep them up-to-date on what God is doing, through you, in the area that He has called you.

Take it from me!  We've been through the UNIVERSITY OF HARD KNOCKS!  Learning it through experience is "ok", but while you're learning about what is out there to help you, and how to put it all together, people out there are dying ... dying spiritually, financially, and physically!  And they NEED what we've got! 

Time is not a commodity we have in abundance here ... the clock is ticking! Ministers and ministries are being called into the field ministry today, like never before.  They need some place where they can go for information, for resources, and in many cases for someone who can help mentor them and help them to grow in their faith, to meet the demands of the calling in which they serve.  Spirit of Truth Ministries offers a site to go to where you can find information … on travel, necessary preparations, checklists, and site links.  And, if you’ve “been there”, we want to know what you’ve learned so we can make it available to our brothers and sisters “out there” who are being called … 
Pastor's Peter and Joy Adamu (Nigeria, Africa)
Online Resources

You and I take for granted the fact that we know where to find Kenneth Copeland’s site, or Jerry Savelle, or Jesse Duplantis to name a few.  We take it for granted that we have CFAITH ONLINE to learn and to grow from.  But folks like Peter & Joy Adamu from Nigeria (Africa) who did not know many of these resources were available, are now taking those messages and starting whole teaching centers with them!

If we "connect" folks like Peter and Joy, and others like them, with these resources, "they" will take these sources and print them out and build entire ministry schools, and teach "hundreds" about walking in faith and living for Jesus! They get a lot of mileage out of a "daily devotional" that we may read or not read! I for one want to help them find these resources, so they can use them!

Don’t ask me how, but these folks seem are finding our website here at Spirit of Truth Ministries all the time!  When they do, we want them to be able to “find” sources to learning, training, guidance, and preparation … for their calling, for their giftings and their ministry, and for those that they teach. 

Worldwide Travel
For folks here stateside, who are considering traveling abroad, we'd like to have what they might need to consider, and a checklist or two, with resources, to help them in their preparations for their travels. It costs a lot to go to a third-world country! You need to be prepared for a lot! We want to get the info from our folks who have just been there, so we can pass it along to others. Don't forget to check out our "Worldwide Travel" section links for important information to plan your travels.

A Brand New Site!

Here at Word Church, and Spirit of Truth Ministries, we are totally re-designing and upgrading our websites! We have wonderful affiliate ministers and ministries and we want you to know more about them, to see them, and to know what God has called them to do and how hard they are working! They could always use your prayer and support, and we are re-designing our sites to be more "user-friendly" so that our site is not only a webpage for our minstry, but a "resource" for information, for worldwide travel resources and forms, and the various information you might need for your travels and worldwide trips!

We would appreciate your feedback, and your suggestions ...

- pastors rich & jane -

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