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Now you're a member of "the Family"! ......

You have just taken a step that is going to radically and completely change your life ... forever! You have taken the first step towards "fellowship" with God! You see, He desires time, with you. The Father is crazy about you, and He wants to hear from you, talk with you, and let you get to know Him better. And during Intercessory Prayer, this will happen ... I guarantee it! And we consider that an honor, and a priviledge, to be allowed to be a part of that process with you today!

We want to introduce you to the God that we've all known and loved all of these years, from childhood, but never really got to know "personally"! But you say, "Oh, but I know God!" Let me ask you point blank, this question. "Do you really?" When challenges come your way, challenges like sickness or financial troubles, or maybe the selection of a mate? Some big decision in your life coming up, or maybe the bottom is falling out! Are you "trusting" Him? Have you talked with Him about it? And I don't mean talk "to Him" about it, but "with Him". Do you spend time with the Father, just talking and enjoying One another's company?

Well I'm here to tell you that time with God is something that will "rock your world"! He has the capacity ... the fortitude ... the nature, to just step into the room, and everything changes! Did you know that when I come into a room, God comes into that room? Did you know when "you" step into a situation that God Himself has just come on the scene? He did say that He'd never leave us, nor forsake us, didn't He? Well that means that wherever YOU go, then GOD goes ... with you, and "in" you! THAT means that when YOU enter a room, you carry the very presence of GOD into that room with you!

Here in the Intercessor's Department, we learn and grow constantly, in our relationship with the Father! HE is our source and supply, our friend and constant companion, and the Holy Spirit is with us constantly! That very presence of His Spirit will change the lives of people you meet! You know how when you wear a certain cologne, or perfume, that people just tend to want to be around you? It's because you smell good! They are drawn to you. Well, when the Spirit of God is present upon you in a powerful way, people are not really conscious why, but they want to be near you. And some may even become convicted of things in their lives, just because they got close to you! It's because God's Spirit is strong upon you! And "that" comes from time in prayer, and before the Father Himself. When you step away from that time, you take a part of Him with you ... to share and to minister to others!

We are here to "change lives" . . .

Pastor praying over a young boyDo you see this woman here, the one in prayer? She's no big deal as far as the Earth is concerned. She's just another person, a living body, who is here occupying space and time, as far as the world is concerned, and only for a short time, and then she's gone. But put this same woman on her knees before the Father, in prayer, and all the demons in the area tremble! When she goes down before the Father in prayer, they know, and they tremble, because their world is about to be ravaged by the Holy Spirit of God in this woman as their efforts against man are torn apart and shut down! Do you know why?

This woman is a "prayer warrior"! That's right, this woman knows how to "pray"! She has set aside a portion of the most precious resource she has here in the Earth ... her "time", so that the Holy Spirit can use her to intercede and do spiritual warfare for the Lord! And she uses that time for the Father, in prayer. Why is it when she kneels down to pray, that she have the Holy Spirit's undivided attention? Is it because she's some "big deal" on Earth? No. It's because the Holy Spirit knows that this woman is a yielded vessel. She is one who has a reputation with the Father for making herself "available", for the Holy Spirit to use, in prayer, and in spiritual warfare, as the Spirit wills! And with "THAT", the Holy Spirit can turn an entire church, a congregation, a city, a political leader ... even a nation! Whatever the need, great or small, "she" is yielded to the Holy Spirit of God, and with that, God can do wonderous things here in the Earth!

We have to be a "yielded vessel " . . .

Pastor praying over a young boyWhen you are a "yielded vessel", as this pastor you see here, a life can be turned around, and fantastic results can be accomplished! A disastrous future is thwarted because "GOD" got in the way and stepped into that path, and turned that life to a new direction, and on a new course, and all through the intercessor, a yielded vessel!

This young man's future can be totally changed, because somebody cared enough to take the time in prayer. Because of their time in intercession on this young man's behalf, bonds are broken, and his life is "set free"!

Life does not have to be the way you've pictured it. Where you are now, does not have to be where you will be! "Opportunity" is already at your doorstep. The knock at the door is now being heard! What you do with it in the next few moments will affect the way the rest of your life will go, here in the Earth, and afterwards. What's more, there are others whose lives will be saved, changed, delivered, and set free, and all because of a decision you are about to make!
Of course, you don't have to make that decision ... if you're too busy.
Let's don't explore that outcome ...

Contact us "today" and "Get CONNECTED"!

Contact us and become a PRAYER WARRIOR!!
email us at:


The Challenge . . .

The Grim Reaper
Do you recognize the guy in the picture? No, it's not me in a halloween costume. It is a spirit.

He is the "spirit of death".

Did you know that you have power over this guy? You do! And no, he does NOT work for God! God is a God of "life", and this guy is all about calling it short! He's all about bringing you home early - getting you out of the game before your time is up!

The Bible says that the power of "life and death are in the tongue"!
What you "say" can stop him, or open the door wide open to give him free reign in your life - the choice, my friend, is up to you! I know this for a fact!

You see, I had a heart attack a few years ago. This guy showed up for me! I realized the severity of the moment. I turned to God and I told my Father, "I'm not through! There is still much to do. I do not understand why this has happened, but I place my life in Your Hands, Father ... I will not die! I have a covenant! And I am standing on it now, in Jesus name! "

Not only did I not die, but at this date in time only 2 years later) my cardiologist says that there is absolutely "no evidence" that I ever even had a heart attack! They have taken me off of my medications ... my cholesterols are "perfect"! Even where they put the stint in, in the failing artery they call "the widow-maker", my cardiologist says "it's open more now than when we put the thing in!"
GOD always has the last word!

But I remember after the heart attack, that the "spirit of death" was always following me around. It was like a man in a black coat, always just over my shoulder, but out of sight ... stalking me! I never saw him, but somehow I just knew that he was there! With the slightest chest pain, indigestion, or heartburn, I would get off into fear! My heart would race! I began to imagine all the things that could be wrong? My forehead would even begin to sweat! I would feel flushed! And as it turns out, it was all nothing but 'fear'! That dark thing that was following me ... it was all his doing! But GOD showed me how to beat him!

If you come to our meetings, I'll tell you how I got rid of him! You see, he's gone in my life! That's right, he is no longer following me! And you can walk in this too!
(and he had better not show his ugly head again either - I won't tolerate it!)

And I intend to stay that way! And you can be too! Come find out how ...

INTERCESSORY PRAYER We are looking for folks who have an anointing for intercessory prayer. Whether you are interested in being a member here or whether you are "plugged-in" somewhere else, we "need you" as a prayer warrior. The prayer is not just for our ministry, but the main focus is covering that area. Ask "Daddy" what He thinks about your becoming a part of our INTERCESSORY PRAYER TEAM ...

HEART ATTACK RECOVERY GROUP One of the very first things God has instructed pastor Rich to start is the "Heart Attack Recovery Group". This group will meet once a month to pray with, encourage, and teach you "the Word" about your ordeal and how to cope with it. Pastor Rich has been there and can identify with these folks from first-hand experience! We are excited about these meetings!

BIBLE STUDY GROUP Pastor Rich is putting together a weekly Bible Study Group, with folks who are interested in learning basic Bible foundational teachings from the Word of God. If you are interested in a Bible Study Group, please contact us and we will keep you posted when the first meetings will begin.





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