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The simple fact that you're reading this means that we can "thank God" that you are still here! You are still breathing, and still have a chance at life, here in the Earth!

Isn't that fantastic? You just avoided what I call a "near miss" ... a "flaming missile", as the Bible calls it, was directed at you specifically, and you "dodged the bullet"! You had a heart attack, and lived! That's fantastic! Do you realize how fortunate you are? Be thankful that you're alive, that you still have some time here in the Earth! Thank God!

Be thankful! In all things, you need to learn to be "thankful". God will only bless that. If we grumble or complain, it's kind of hard for God to get behind all of that whining and moaning the blues stuff! After all, HE is all about "success" and "winning"! And that is something we are going to learn in our group meetings!

Life does not have to be the way you've pictured it thus far ... "opportunity" is already at your doorstep. What you do with it in the next few moments will affect the way the rest of your life will go, both here in the Earth, and afterwards. What we have to say is important! It could change your life!

Overcoming the Heart Attack!

You started off your morning with a good hot shower. You shaved, brushed your teeth, and got dressed, just like any other day. You sit down to your office desk and sip on a cup of coffee, and you begin to check your emails, and touch base with your co-workers in the field. It's a day like any other day, nothing different, nothing traumatic, nothing unusual is going on at all.
And then it happens!

I worked as a computer consultant, a contractor, from my home. I was thankful that I didn't have to make the drive that others do each day. My morning began like any other morning. Most of the folks I worked with are all "out there", electronically reachable, on the Internet. They all work from their homes as well. Some of them are scattered across Austin, and some even live in other states! We often chat over projects we've just completed, or need to take on. I remember the day it happened, I was just touching base with a co-worker on some changes we had just completed on a mainframe for one of our customer companies.

"I think I'm having a heart attack." I calmly typed into the computer. They asked, "Is your arm hurting?" To which I replied, "Yes. And I'm having these hot flashes." "How about your chest?", they asked. "Yeah, it's like this pressure ... like a heavy weight is sitting on it." It was all calm. I didn't fall out of the chair, no grabbing my chest like you see in Hollywood, just a pain. "You'd better get to the hospital and get that checked out right now!" they remarked back. I told them I would and went to lay down for a moment. I thought about my Dad's heart situation and when he had his episode. It's been 10 years now and he seems fine.

FInally, it dawned on me, "I could die, sitting here debating whether to go to the hospital or not!" so I called my Dad and Mom, who live just 5 minutes away, and I ran my symptoms by him. "Hang on son, I'm on my way." That's all he said.

The next thing I knew the doorbell was ringing! My Dad came in with a nitroglycerin tablet in-hand. "Here, take this." As they began to take me to the car, I remember my wife and the expression on her face. She looked almost shocked, somewhat in unbelief. She was in the middle of a big project she was processing for her company, and decided to remain behind. I don't think the severity of this had hit either of us yet!

As we walked out the door, I kept repeating in my heart, "This is NOT in my covenant! I do not have to receive this!" And finally, as I lay down in the car and they shut the door behind me, I said, "Lord? This thing is bigger than me! I don't know why I'm dealing with this, or why it's here at my doorstep, but I - am - not - through! Do you hear me?" I almost shouted in my spirit man! "I am not through with this life! I haven't even begun to accomplish what I'm supposed to do here!" and with that, I rested in His arms, "but I trust You. I trust You ... with my life."

Two Years Later ...

My Doctor comes into the room, a big smile on his face. "Well, I've got some good news!" I replied, "Really?" "Yes", he said. "There is absolutely no evidence that you ever had a heart attack." "In fact", he said, "the area where we had to put that stint in? it's totally open! It's more open now than it was when we first put it in!"

God had truly come through ... oh the meds, the exercise, and the better eating helped. And I might add that I had an excellent cardiologist, but one thing he said stuck with me. He told me that the heart muscle generally will NOT rebuild, like regular muscles do. "Once it's damaged, usually the damage is done." But now he was telling me that the heart muscle is totally and completely recovered! With my circulatory system now working in rare form again, they had to take me off of most of my medications! Since I didn't have high blood pressure, the meds were actually getting in the way!

The Second Challenge ...

Do you recognize the guy in the picture? No, it's not me in a halloween costume ... it's a spirit. He's called the spirit of death.

You know, the one thing that I have noticed about folks who have had a heart attack is that we all seem to be walking around with a unique look, a "deer-in-the-headlights" look! We all have an expression like we're sitting on a keg of dynamite, the fuse it lit, and it can go off at any moment - without a warning!

I remember that a "spirit of death" was always following me around. It was like a man in a black coat, always just over my shoulder, but out of sight. I never saw him, but somehow I just knew that he was there! With the slightest chest pain, indigestion, or heartburn, I would be getting off into fear! My heart would race! I began to imagine all the things could be wrong? My forehead would even begin to sweat! I would feel flushed! And, turns out, it was all nothing but 'fear'! That dark thing that was following me ... it was all his doing!

If you come to our meetings, I'll tell you how I got rid of him! He's gone in my life! That's right, he is no longer following me ... and he had better not show his ugly head again either! I won't tolerate it!

I AM FREE! And I intend to stay that way! And you can be too! Come find out how ...

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