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Projects in the works:





JEEP modifications
  I am currently adding extensive lighting on my Jeep for camp setup and night use in those primitive areas ... so I can "let my light shine"!  

Large Dining Tent   
This is a large camouflaged green tarp with a roof size of 16x30, and sturdy poles to tie on additional tarps, hang lamps, etc.. It is tall enough to have a fire going to sit by while it is raining. It provides a lot of shade, for dining and the camp kitchen area. It can hold a number of chairs & tables for dining and lounging for meals and when it rains.

Barbeque Trailer 
I have several brothers-in-laws who are excellent cooks ... 1 is a professional chef, and 1 specializes in cooking barbeque for very, very large groups!  We've been brainstorming and drawing up a trailer design for a barbeque trailer that could be used in "any" setting or site.  My intent is to use it to host "camp meetings" where folks come to hear the Word of God preached, and actually "camp". Sounds like fun? There's more to come as we continue bringing this to the building stage, with pics ...

Camping Trailer 
I've come across a wonderful camping trailer for a Jeep that has made the "Rubicon run" with no problems!  Trouble is, it's too pricey!  I'm working on designing something easy-to-build that will do a wonderful job - something you can be proud of, and use on our trips.  More to come as plans are put to paper ...

Portable Stage Trailer 
In the ministry, there is often opportunity to hold an outdoor concert and meeting, and a portable stage trailer would allow us to do this just about anywhere!  More to come ...

My New Jeep Guidecopyright symbol  It's actually a book!  Yes, I'm writing a book, documenting all of the things I'm doing to my Jeep, things I've discovered about various facets of 4-wheeling, and more.  It should be easily affordable, and a good culmination of varied sources of knowlege on just about any 4-wheel subject.  I'm open to suggestions and ideas on this ...

Your Gateway to Adventure!

Sometimes you just need to change direction! Life's opportunities just "present themselves", with no warning, and as you can see here, this Jeep owner just could not resist leaving the highway for a little bit of fun!

Life is full of choices!  Some choices have short-term results, and some last forever! 

We want you to know that God loves you!  He made all that you see here, in this Earth ... so you could "have fun"!  But also remember that you have a "choice" ... a choice that has to be made while you're still here. No choice is a bad choice! God loves you so very, very much! Won't you give Him a chance?
I always say this: ..... "Try Jesus. If you don't like Him, the devil will always take you back!"



... Our Mission
I am a pastor.  I work for God.  I also love Jeeps, camping, exploring, travel, adventure ... you get the idea, right!  My first calling, though, is to minister to the people, and that means "you"..  Folks need to know that God loves them, and that He is real. 

What they don't need is somebody who wants to "play church" and try to sell them a phoney God!  My God is real!  He "shows up" when I pray.  And He cares about you.

I'm here to help as well. If you need someone to talk to, some advice, or just someone to hear you out, then find me at camp - I'm there for you!    


... God created you to "have fun"!

Did you know that God created man to "have fun"!  That is all that we were ever supposed to spend our time doing, just having fun!  When man disobeyed God, however, all of that was messed up.  And God has been trying ever since to get man "back" to where he was "before" he sinned.  Did you know that God is actually trying to help get you "back" to where Adam once was?  No, not naked in the bushes - He wants you thoroughly blessed, carefree and absolutely provided for, in every way!  God created the Earth for man to explore and enjoy!  Is it any wonder that we created vehicles like ours to help us do that! 

my Jeep
I do so thoroughly enjoy 4-wheeling, camping, and travel. My mission in this ministry is to make myself available to those "out there" doing what I like to do.  Many would not otherwise enter a church, and for "that" you will find me there, on the trails ... for you! 

This is my rig ... a 1999 TJ Sahara Wrangler, with safari rack & lights, and more coming as time goes on. Yes, I "am" a gear-head! I love to add "stuff" to it that I can use when I am on the trail, exploring, and traveling.

I got a few skills I bring with me ...

Special Talents:  I am an avid camper, and with that I bring my "other" skills, like engineering, electronics, mechanics, computers, and creative ideas, to name a few.  I love to use these skills that God has blessed me with to create innovative and clever "things" to use while camping, 4-wheeling, and more!

Photographer:  I'm a good photographer too!  For those of you who, on our trips, want to take your Jeep through 3 foot deep mud pits, or over rocks I'd care not to try, you can count on me for some good "pics" of YOUR endeavors!  Now I'm really gonna have to like you a lot to wade out "to you" with a winch cable when you get stuck waist deep in the mud, but at least know that there will be good photos of it later to laugh about!

Barbeque:  I do good "barbeque" too!   I'm currently designing a barbeque trailer that will be able to follow us to remote campsites and offer some fantastic barbeque in a remote, primitive basecamp site!  I'll post more on this later! This thing is a ministry venture too! We can use it for meetings to minister to the homeless, to help with disaster relief, etc. as well!

If you or someone you know is interested in helping us with this venture, your gifts and services are tax-deductible.

Gadget Hound:   I am a definite "gadget hound"!  I am working on a plan to put an on-demand water heater and water pump in my Jeep for "hot showers" using any nearby water source! It'll be great for rinsing your Jeep off when you get out of a "mud bath " too ! 

I plan to have good communications, no matter where we are!  I've added excellent "lighting" on my Jeep's overhead Safari Rack for setting up camp in the dark, a feat I end up doing a lot of the time.  I like CB's, TalkAbout radios, P.A. systems, and more!  When you're ready to add some "goodie" to your Jeep, I just might be able to help! 

I love Camping & 4-Wheeling!

If there is anything that I love doing, it's "camping"!  One reason that I like 4-wheeling so much is because I can get to places in my Jeep (to "camp") that I could not otherwise get to!  I am prepping my Jeep to be able to go on trips in places like Big Bend National Park, the KING RANCH area in West Texas, Colorado, and places that, though they may seem local, could easily become a "wilderness trip" if you're NOT prepared! 

Check out our Faith Camp site on the web! 



I've got my
PASTOR sticker now!

I'm not hiding it, folks! Call me the "Pastor-on-the-Trail" or something 'cause I'm going to be "out there"!

I want to bring a new meaning to the phrase "camp meeting"! Hey! Campers need Jesus too, right! Jesus said to take the gospel "to the world"! I'm taking Him literally, as well ... and "out there" is where they hang out!


Here's the Jeep I've always wanted.  It's not "there" yet, but it's a "work in-progress" as George Feit puts it!  I still need to get another inch of lift, larger Procomp offroad tires, a replacement underneath with RUBICON-geared front & rear-end transmission/differentials installed, a new front bumper, tow points, a front-mounted receiver (for larger ice chest), a front bumper-mounted wench, and a good camping trailer ... not to mention a few other "goodies" to make it my perfect "safari" vehicle!  But I'm working on it ... as George says, a "work in progress"!

Let's have some fun!  

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