It's For The Whole Family!

Faith Camp is all about getting back to nature ... about having simply fun, and about relaxation. It's about allowing your mind to relax, to get quiet, and to hear.

A minister friend who lived in California, a Salvador Rodriquez, once told me ...
"God can't deal with a busy mind".

Our first Faith Camp ...

We've come a long way ...

..................... ... since then!


Preaching the Word of God, in season and
out-of-season, we are "ready"!

Our Founders

Meet Pastors Rich and Jane Allcorn, founders of the SPIRIT of TRUTH MINISTRIES, Int'l. They are also pastors of the WORD CHURCH, a fellowship in planning for here in the area of Austin Texas, and the core ministry for reaching out to ministers and ministries around the world, who have no covering!

These two are hungry for ministry! They want to help you to achieve your dreams in ministry. Has GOD placed a vision and a dream in your heart, but you've let the vision and the dream die? It's time to use that same "resurrection power" that Jesus preached so much about and bring that thing back to life!

I have a dream!

Anybody who knows me is fully aware that I am totally and completely "into" ... camping! I love it! My wife does too! We love to go places and set up and stay a few days and just forget about the things around us that keep our minds and our thoughts so tied up! We get a chance to relax and to hear from God.

One of our favorite places to go is Krause Springs, right here in the Austin Texas area near Spicewood Texas. It's just down the road from a place known as Paleface Park. Krause Springs, owned by my friend Elton Krause, is the closest thing I can think of to a garden type environment when you go camping! There are water falls, streams, an underground springfed swimming pool, and green grass and trees all around to set up camp! The best part is, you don't have defined camping spots like the state parks. This area is perfect for a "camping concert" our outdoor "camp" meeting of some sorts! And that folks is my dream!

I want to take a flatbed trailer, something like the one in the picture to the right, and set it up as a stage, set up a cooking area with a fully loaded barbeque trailer, kitchen tents, and Coleman propane lanterns on lantern posts all around for the lighting. I've even found stage lighting that is battery powered! These lights last up to 7 hours on a single charge!

I already have connections for the barbeque trailer and cooking set up. We just need to get some financial backing and the folks to help bring this thing to come to pass. I've even located some tents that can make it possible to set up a tent dining area that ensures our meeting will go on, rain or shine!

So, if you want to become a part of "the dream" and help us to put together some really big supernatural "CAMP MEETING" ... in a "real" camping environment, please get in touch with us and let's start things to happening! What you see on the banner above is just the beginning!

Sometimes folks will go camping who will not go to church ...
And "now" you are beginning to see my driving force behind this vision!

A Brand New Site!

Here at Word Church, and Spirit of Truth Ministries, we are totally re-designing and upgrading our websites! We have wonderful affiliate ministers and ministries and we want you to know more about them, to see them, and to know what God has called them to do and how hard they are working! They could always use your prayer and support, and we are re-designing our sites to be more "user-friendly" so that our site is not only a webpage for our minstry, but a "resource" for information, for worldwide travel resources and forms, and the various information you might need for your travels and worldwide trips!

We would appreciate your feedback, and your suggestions ...

- pastors rich & jane -

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