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Rich Allcorn - cowboy at Rodeotown (Marble Falls TX)
A Word from the Lord !

Just "one word" from God can rock your whole world!
It can change your life, birth strength into your body, and inject revitalized energy into an otherwise empty hopeless shell of a man (or woman)!

When God speaks to His sons and daughters, "things happen"! Lives are changed, entire courses of events are re-routed, and hope ... "hope" ... is given, to a thirsty soul.
Please find some of the many prophecies that I have received, listed here, for you to review. Some prophecies, I actually still have the audio for you to listen to. Others, only the printed version remains.

But the "word" lives on ... in my heart and in my life!



the prophet

Prophecies ...

“Much of the time”, Rich says, “we spend our days ‘waiting on God’.   God, however, is actually waiting on us! Jerry Savelle puts it very nicely, "If it’s meant to be, it’s up to me!". Another prophet, who Rich respects dearly, (Mike Brown - Saledo, TX) says, ‘If you’ll just give me some try … I can work with that!’  You see, we often wonder why we don’t see God moving in our lives more than we do.  The truth of the matter is, ‘He’ (God) is waiting on us!  You just can't steer a "parked" car!

The Bible says that "He will direct our paths", but it's hard for Him to guide or direct "anything" if we're not moving! All throughout the Bible you see this.  Man steps out, God directs, and things are accomplished!  Did you notice that first part, though?  Man – steps – out?  That means that ‘we’ have to START, in order for something to happen! We have to take some sort of action - any action - in order for God to have something to direct.” 

Why can't you steer a 'parked' car? Because, a parked car is going nowhere!


Kenneth Copeland"YOU WILL BE LIKE A WEALTHY MAN , LIKE ABRAHAM ... " by Kenneth Copelands

Wednesday, June 18, 1980
(audio not available)
[read it now]

"Financial problems, 'n' the little spikes that hurt when you want to give and hurt when you want to do the work of God, and you say, "GOD! Is there any end to this?!" Yes! Yes, there is! It's not an easy walk. The walk that God's planned for you is not an easy walk. The walk of rich men is never easy! But you'll be a wealthy man ..."

Nick Pappis"I PUT A VISION AND A DREAM IN YOUR HEART ... " by Nick Pappis s

Saturday, October 18, 1986
(audio not available)
[read it now]

"Know that I've not caused you to circle the mountain, but I've called you forth, that my word might rest in your heart, and my spirit might well up within you in abundance, and flow out to others.

For I put a vision and a dream in your heart ... "

Don Aldridge"IT IS AS GREAT AS YOU SAW IT TO BE ..." by Don Aldridge s

Sunday, April 10, 1994
(audio not available)
[read it now]

"It's as great as you saw it to be, and it is before the people I've shown you it'd be before, and it'll be a great and mighty anointed one, so don't turn loose of it any longer ... it died, but now I'm putting My Life in it", sayest the Lord! "I'm raising it up! You grab hold of it! You embrace it! 'n you see what's gonna happen for I'm gonna do what you couldn't do, and its going to be 'powerful'!"

Don Aldridge"Rich, you have a voice to young people!" by Linton Ward s

Sunday, March 28, 2010

[read it now]

"Rich you have a voice ... you have a voice to young people! ... 'Young people', says the Lord, for you are young at heart! You refuse to act your age! And the Lord says 'I am going to use you to inspire a generation, for it is the culture that cares about the next generation that will thrive in the Kingdom!"

Benjamin Anyacho"YOU ARE CALLED AS AN APOSTLE ..."by Benjamin Anyacho

Thursday, July 30, 2009
(audio not available)
[read it now]

"The reason you keep hitting a brick wall, the reason your efforts are being held back, is because the spiritual forces over this region do not want to see an apostle recognize his calling."


Sunday, September 28, 2008

[read it now]

The Lords says "Because I am going to bring into your life faithful people, people
you can depend on, people that have ... "your" ... best interest at heart ...
This next time when you go out, everything is going to fall into place ... But the Lord says, "I'm going to send you and I'm going to establish you and I'm going to bring about My plan and purpose for your life the way it was intended to be from the very beginning!

Friday, March 20, 2009

[read it now]

"I'm bringing new connections into your life. And I'm gonna take you to some new places! The Lord says, "I'm establishing you at another level! And at this new level, there is going to be come 'key dis-connections' that are going to happen." The Lords says, "At the same time I'm going to bring key 'connections'.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

[read it now]

"It's gonna change the way you walk, it's gonna change your passion, it's gonna change your zeal," but the Lord says "Get ready! There's a major transition coming! Major, major breakthrough!"


Bobby Hill

Sunday, March 21, 2010

[read it now]

"For I have a very special purpose for you, and I desire to anoint you, and use you, in unique ways. For I that surely you are as a missile that I shall send into specific needs and specific situations, and I will place within in exactly the weapons that you need ... "

"The Lord says, that you have proven yourself faithful ... you have 'proven' yourself faithful. And the Lord says that this may have been ignored by some, but it has not been ignored by the Lord. He has known your heart. There have even been times when people have misread your heart and they have misread your intentions ... I know the intents of your heart! I know the thoughts of your mind! And surely says the Lord, your future has been secured!

Janet Crews"Doors that have been shut for years NOW Opened!" by Janet Crews s

Sunday, April 3, 2005

[read it now]

"The glory is going to hit this man like never before! My God, my God, my God … faithful - faithful - faithful - faithful - faithful! … a new mantle of anointing!!"
Opened doors like never before! ‘OPENED!’ - ‘OPENED!’ - ‘OPENED!’

Doors that have been locked shut for years …
O P E N E D !

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