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Rich Allcorn - cowboy at Rodeotown (Marble Falls TX)Meet Rich !

Rich Allcorn, called into the office of a prophet on their 675acre ranch in West Texas, over 30 years ago, Rich Allcorn is a servant of the Lord ... .... "Cowboy style"! 

He operates in the offices of a prophet, a pastor and a teacher, and even sings!  Recently confirmed as an apostle, he is the founder of Spirit of Truth Ministries International, a resource and ‘home-base’ church for ministers and ministries, who are in the field and in need of a ‘covering’.  Their church, based in the Austin Texas area, Word Church, serves as both a home base for them to branch out from, and as a link, a "connection" to the other ministers and ministries that they work with throughout the world. 

Rich has served as an evangelist, a teacher, and as a singer, while visiting various churches in the U.S., and together with his wife, Jane Allcorn, they served as associate pastors while attending the Williamson County Cowboy Church, in Liberty Hill, Texas.  


the prophet

We Serve a God of "Action" !

“Much of the time”, Rich says, “we spend our days ‘waiting on God’.   God, however, is actually waiting on us! Jerry Savelle puts it very nicely, "If it’s meant to be, it’s up to me!". Another prophet, who Rich respects dearly, (Mike Brown - Saledo, TX) says, ‘If you’ll just give me some try … I can work with that!’  You see, we often wonder why we don’t see God moving in our lives more than we do.  The truth of the matter is, ‘He’ (God) is waiting on us!  It is ‘we’ who need to take the action. 

The Bible says that "He will guide our path", but it's hard for Him to guide "anything" if we're not moving! All throughout the Bible you see this.  Man steps out, God directs, and things are accomplished!  Did you notice that first part, though?  Man – steps – out?  That means that ‘we’ have to START, in order for something to happen! We have to take some sort of action - any action - in order for God to have something to direct, and something to direct.”  I like to put it this way ... "you cannot steer a 'parked' car!" A parked car is going nowhere!

Through life, I have worked as a radio D.J., a newscaster and as a sportcaster. I have been a clerk, a farm equipment operator, a cattle rancher (cowboy), computer network admin and network designer. I have also worked as a realtor, a Nextel sales manager, writer and columnist, , pc repair tech, and I have even worked in construction! Sure, I can operate just about any piece of heavy equipment, and did so on alot of equipment in the military. I worked in communication and navigation electronics, intercoms, etc. and studied various forms of leadership. All of this time, I had no idea that God was training me for all of the things I would need to do the work of an apostle. There are many, many things, many skills that I have attained, that I now use, in ministry. And all the while I was learning all of these things, God also had me in His training plan for ministry! Check out my profile on "" sometime, and see for yourself! Also, see my business profile in "" as well.

Thanks to the things that God has deposited in my heart, and to the mind that he has given me to work with, I have enjoyed the taste of areas of knowledge that I never dreamed possible. Because of these various areas of interest and experience, I have found that people often want to hear me talk about it. I'm really not sure whether it's the stories, or the cowboy, or what, but they seem interested in what I have to say. I love to meet these folks and talk with them, and to get to share what I've learned in life ...

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Changing Lives! Rich Allcorn.....

Life is a gift! You are not guaranteed a full lifetime. Remember that! You have to fight for your life, for the quality of living that you desire, and for the style of life that you want. There are things out there that want to kill you! Cancer, heart conditions, diabetes, and many of which you can do something about! You cannot just sit back, though, and live the way you want to, and expect things not to happen to you, at some point. You have to take ownership of your life! Take charge of your future.

These are all affected by your sleep habits, your exercise habits, your diet, and what you meditate on - mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. You basically "ARE" what you put inside of you! Your spirit man feeds on that, and the product is what you have before you! God put it this way: "I have set before you the choices of Life and of Death ... Now choose Life!" And that is what YOU must do ... make a firm and quality decision to choose LIFE ... in all that you do! Life is not complicated! And you have everything you need to make a difference in your life ... the decision is yours, and yours alone! No one can do it for you!

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